With Leading Psychotherapist and Master Life Coach, Sergio Baroni, LCSW

Are you ready for a HUGE  Breakthrough in Your Self-Love, Happiness, and Empowerment?


Imagine feeling unconditional self-love, full self-acceptance and deep worthiness.

Imagine letting go of the fears, false beliefs, and self-judgments that keep you stuck in your life.

Imagine Imagine living with the energy, peace, and happiness that come from feeling that you’re enough!

Well, you don’t have to imagine this anymore…I can show you how to live this way, starting now. You don’t have to figure out the“how” on your own.

I’ve worked with hundreds of people using cutting edge tools and processes to activate transformation in their life, love, and happiness.

I’m absolutely committed to helping you live a life of self-love beyond your limiting beliefs and negative self- judgments!

You have self-doubt that you know is holding you back in your life
You judge yourself critically or frequently and you have a hard time being kind and compassionate with yourself
You don’t feel good enough no matter how much success you’ve had, how good a person you are or how much you work on yourself.
You get wrapped up in what other people think about you and spend lots of energy trying to please others
You have a long list of “shoulds” about your self-care but you don’t get around to doing them
You put others’ needs before your own
You feel tired or overwhelmed trying to do it all
You feel somewhat disconnected from the deeper you
Your have a hard time getting past your fears and insecurities
You don’t fully assert yourself in relationships, sell yourself short or stay in relationships that are unhealthy for you
You know you’re a good person inside, but you just don’t feel as happy, alive, and joyful as you’d like
You know there’s more to life than what you’re experiencing – and you want it now

If this describes you, it’s time to take a quantum leap in your love, acceptance, and appreciation of yourself.

The Hidden Riches Experience

For a free consultation to see if this individualized intensive is for you.

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Note: There is limited availability as I’m only taking a handful of people to work with individually at this time.

What is the Authentic Self-Love Intensive?

A One-on-One Personalized Program for Women or Couples

Love yourself!  You know it’s important, but how?

You’ve probably come to a point in your life where you recognize how self-love is crucial for your happiness, success, relationships, health and overall fulfillment, but you just don’t know how to love and accept yourself consistently.  You’re not alone.  If you’re like most people, nobody ever taught you how.

But there is a way to let go of the patterns, conditioning, and programs that keep you from loving and accepting yourself fully.

As a therapist and psycho-spiritual coach who has worked with hundreds of clients over the past 20 years, I know what’s possible for you. You don’t need to settle for a mediocre life, or to feel just a little bit better.

In this self-love intensive for women, I use cutting edge tools to help you let go of those old thoughts and beliefs that lead to self-criticism and judgment.

During your intensive, you will learn how to transform pain and stuckness so you can access the love, beauty and goodness that lie at your core.  Even if you have sustained major traumas in your life, you will be safely guided into clearing and healing your relationship to yourself and making peace with the past.

Over a period of one month, I will guide you, coach you, love you and support you into creating and sustaining an invigorating blueprint for authentic and lasting self-love. 

In this accelerated program you will get the tools you need to create real change, from the inside out.  You will experience a new self-loving lens through which you see yourself and your whole life. 

My commitment is to fast-track you into feeling deeper self-love and acceptance than you ever have before.

"Self-love is your ticket to a radically better life!
I wholeheartedly recommend Sergio to you as a wise, capable and trusted guide on your journey into authentic self-love!"

- Janet Attwood, New York Times Best-selling author of The Passion Test

A Personal Message from Marci

Self-love is the basis of a happy life. I’ve seen that the biggest block most people have to the life they dream of is not feeling good enough, not loving themselves enough. This program is my #1 prescription for that.

Sergio is a gifted transformational teacher, coach, healer and therapist, all rolled into one. His depth of heart, profound wisdom, and cutting edge skills have deeply transformed the lives of so many people. Sergio has created and led my Happy For No Reason and Love For No Reason coaching programs, and we’re deeply aligned in our perspectives about how to live a miraculous life.

I trust Sergio more than anyone I know to facilitate people into living with greater self-love, and I’m thrilled that he is offering The Authentic Self Love Intensive. If you’re looking for a deep, true, and lasting experience of self-love and a miraculous life, then this program is for you."

- Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times Best-selling Author
of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason

Are You Ready To:

Have a quantum leap in your love and appreciation for yourself
Be clear about living your life on purpose
Have the courage and skills to go beyond your fears and blocks
Quickly reprogram your core beliefs and easily embrace healthy new habits
Be empowered to create your dreams  
Experience deep compassion and forgiveness for yourself and others  
Be able to nourish yourself and give yourself what you need  
Create bigger success from the inside out
Feel greater energy, health, and vitality
Experience more fulfillment in all of your relationships
Live in deep inner peace, flow, and happiness

The Hidden Riches Experience

For a free consultation to see if this individualized intensive is for you.

Limited Time Special Offer
29% OFF

Note: There is limited availability as I’m only taking a handful of people to work with individually at this time.

"Few men possess the depth of skill, passion and dedication that Sergio has to help you open to deep and lasting self love. I highly recommend his work to you!"

- Debra Poneman, bestselling author and founder of Yes to Success, Inc.

Here’s how I’ll help you take a quantum leap in self-love:

The Authentic Self-Love Assessment Questionnaire

This thorough Self-Love Assessment tool will help clarify your biggest blocks to authentic and lasting self-love.  Discover what’s holding you back from deeply loving and accepting yourself.

Your Authentic Self-Love Pre-Intensive Session (90 minutes)

You’ll meet with me via SKYPE to interpret the information and findings from your Self-Love Assessment and to address every aspect of preparation for your Intensive.  You will receive some simple processes to do prior to coming to your three day intensive.

Your Two Day Personalized One-on-One Self Love Intensive (12 hours)

During this two-day intensive, you’ll be guided through various self-love processes that build on each other.  Your inner work will unfold in stages, loosely resembling the stages of the hero’s journey.  Through psycho-spiritual practices, hypnosis, loving guidance and breakthrough tools, you’ll be shown the way to open your heart fully to yourself and to life. 

This intensive takes place over a weekend: Friday & Saturday OR Saturday & Sunday OR Sunday & Monday. Each day we will meet for six hours with a lunch break in between 

Two Authentic Self-Love Post-Intensive Coaching Sessions  (2 hours)

For the two weeks following your Intensive, you’ll meet with me weekly via SKYPE for a one hour coaching session.  During these sessions you’ll receive effective and gentle support and guidance to integrate your new self-loving reality into your daily life.

A Guided Self-Love Audio Customized and Recorded Just for You

You’ll receive a personalized self-love audio recording I create just for you to listen to daily for the first 30 days following your retreat.  This will help you solidify your shifts and keep your heart open.

Your Authentic Self-Love Personalized Blueprint

Following your Intensive, you’ll receive a customized written blueprint, providing you a new roadmap to navigate your relationships with yourself, others and life.


The Hidden Riches Experience

Limited Time Special Offer
29% OFF

You have the power and the birthright to create the life you need by learning how to love yourself deeply without shame, guilt or resistance.

It’s your time.

Together, let’s make it happen!

About Sergio Baroni:

Sergio Baroni, LCSW is a licensed psychotherapist and transformational life coach who for the past 20 years has helped hundreds of people lead more love-filled, inspired and fulfilling lives.

He is trained in hypnotherapy, energy psychology, voice dialogue, somatics, The Sedona Method, EFT and other advanced systems that allow for an in-depth, integrated approach to self-healing and transformation.  His own journey through illness and spiritual awakening has informed his work and is the subject of an upcoming book called Authentic Self-Love.

Sergio was a key collaborator in creating the New York Times bestselling book Happy for No Reason, and co-developer of the Happy for No Reason Life Coaching program with Marci Shimoff. He was also co-facilitator and developer of the coaching program for the renowned HeroQuest, a week-long group intensive which helped hundreds of people discover their life purpose. He is a trained facilitator of the acclaimed Passion Test, a program that teaches people how to get clear about their true passions and how to live their dreams.

Sergio was also a featured author in the book Ready, Set, Live!: Empowering Strategies for an Enlightened Life.

In his experience working with adults, couples and families, Sergio has had extraordinary success in helping people overcome depression, grief and addictions, relieve stress and anxiety, and resolve relationship and life transition problems. His core work has been showing people how to live happier, more love filled and meaningful lives from the inside out.

Through the power of loving-kindness, embodied wisdom, profound healing energies and unconditional acceptance, Sergio’s work supports and compels people to love, accept, and empower themselves, thereby embracing their true beauty and magnificence.

"As a woman in leadership, I am grateful to Sergio because through the work I have done with him I am now loving myself completely. As I finally stepped into loving Sahar, I was able to release an unhealthy relationship and now have a more successful business serving my community. Sergio is a genuine and masterful coach and therapist who truly cares about people and their results. "
- Sahar Kordahi, Founder of "The Bright Side of Life" Women's Community

"Sergio has an inner eye to see truth we ourselves cannot yet see... And his tremendous empathy, intelligence and warmth gently guides you to that truth of who you really are. His generous spirit activated a plane within me to facilitate an awakening of a new unmistakeable leadership archetype that changed my life. Sergio's insights into love and relationship are of the New Paradigm genre and his support helped me navigate new territory towards personal fulfillment! His support for inner growth is practical and divine all at once, a true gift for transforming individuals for the new roles for human love and relationship."
- Jan Cercone, Creator of The Solara Well-Being Center, Becoming Light Programs, SOAR Women’s Leadership Initiative


The Hidden Riches Experience

Limited Time Special Offer
29% OFF